Of Shelves and Romance

The other day my husband sent me this cartoon.

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Full Dark House

by Christopher Fowler

Full Dark House by Christopher Fowler

Sometimes I get all book snobby, and feel like I know what a book will be like just by picking it up. When I picked up Full Dark House I expected something like a Jasper Fforde novel (which we know that I love) and I didn’t quite get it. Not that I didn’t enjoy Fowler’s novel, because I did. Read More »

Chick Lit?

The other evening while entertaining the man who lived with my husband before I did, I was asked what I’d been reading lately and if I could suggest a good book. I lead the inquirer to the bookshelf which holds my To Be Reviewed stack. After noting various titles and genres Jared (the former roommate in question) commented that I don’t read many books by women. Read More »

The Flood

30 September 2008. The day will go down in infamy. The day I woke early (ish) to the sound of rushing water and thought it was nothing but a nice rain and promptly fell back to sleep. I woke to my roommate telling me the basement had flooded. Apparently a water main had broken, water had filled our basement window wells to fill then break. I rushed downstairs to assess the damage. My books. Read More »

A Word on Book Clubs

Anyone who reads a lot of books will be invited into a book club. Heck, even if you don’t like to, chances are that before your time is through… you will be asked to join a book club. I (as a current member of two book clubs, both semi defunct) have mixed feeling about the idea of book clubs. Reading is generally considered a one-man sport. Read More »

Boxing Day

December 26th found me in a bookstore. Sure, Santa had the foresight to read my Amazon.com wishlist and have his elves work out the details. I got a few books that I’d been dying to read, but to the booklover, when one book is good… several books are better.  Read More »